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Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

By on 9:06 pm

Samsung sold 5 mіllіоn Gеаr VR hеаdѕеtѕ in 2016, Samsung America Prеѕіdеnt Tіm Bаxtеr told audiences during CES 2017 іn Lаѕ Vegas lаѕt week, рlасіng thе company аt thе tор оf the VR mаrkеt.   Bаxtеr аlѕо noted that Gеаr

Divvee the Social Membership Network

By on 5:38 pm

Welcome to Divvee’s Social Membership Network. You love social media? You love the perks of membership? Divvee brings the two together in a network, where “Your Opinion Matters”. Introducing Rank & Share Divvee Rank & Share combines 5 elements: Your

8 Activities That Build Your Self-Confidence

By on 5:23 pm

    Everything becomes easier when you’re brimming with self-confidence. As soon as self-doubt enters your mind, your ability to act is compromised. Self-confidence might seem to rise and fall in a random fashion, but there are steps you can

Control The Results in Your Life – Paradigm Shift

By on 6:06 pm

    Here’s my #1 takeaway from Bob Proctors video…   When we were born we are hard wired to accept everything we hear and see and grow up thinking that’s how it is. Some of us never dare look

Cashflow Funded Proposal Your Autoresponder and Leads

By on 6:39 pm

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or even how good it is…MLM, Direct Marketing, Selling Fruit on a market stall, the one thing that you need and cannot do without is cashflow and leads. When you have a good

Is Dexter The Best Series Ever Written?

By on 8:23 am

Last night I finally got to the end of the brilliant Dexter on Netflix, I got to say it was the best and well written series I have ever sat through. Last year after watching the awful “Prison Break” I

How To Overcome Fear? She Was So Scared I Had No Idea

By on 3:19 pm

Yesterday morning I picked my daughter from school at 10.15amto take her to the dentist. It had been a really frosty night before so there wasn’t acloud in the sky and the sun shone through like it was a hotsummers