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The Secret to Success in this Business Network Marketing

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the secret to successIf there is ONE secret to Success in this business, it is this:

“Hold a conversation with people about THEM, what THEY want in life, what THEIR dreams are, and then show them a SOLUTION that will transform their life.

We call it becoming a ‘Transformation Specialist.’

DO NOT sell them anything.

DO NOT recruit them.

Simply keep the conversation spotlight on them, do not talk about you but talk about them, pour encouragement into them, and then show them how your business can CATALYZE that Transformation they are seeking in their life.

Let them know that your business isn’t for everyone, but if it is for them you don’t want them to miss it.

Do not pressure, but instead, REASSURE them.

Reassure them that their life can be more than they ever thought it could be.

Then show them the path that is Transforming your life.”

You are not there to sell them something or recruit them.

Those transactions are the FRUIT of a Transforming Conversation.

If you are focused more on creating a Transformation in a person than a transaction, then your transactions will multiply.

Most distributors are totally focused on creating a transaction that will create a pay cheque for themselves.

Focus on transforming the prospect’s pay cheque and your pay cheque will automatically be transformed in the process.

In simple words:

Hold a Transforming Conversation to create a Transaction in Network Marketing.

That is it.

Every conversation and telephone call in MLM are potential Transformation Events.

This is a Higher Realm of Network Marketing.


The Truth of what it takes to succeed in MLM?

Become a Transformation Specialist in Network Marketing.

You will not only transform other lives, but also your own.


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