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I Hate My Job And Need a Career Change

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I Hate My Job And Need a Career Change

I hate my job and need a career change, these are words from people I hear spoken every day in my profession as an online marketer, but when it comes to choosing a career they have no idea what they’re looking for.

I have friends who see what I do and love the lifestyle and ask me…should i quit my job? The answer to that question is always no, not yet. Why jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

As much as they say “i want to quit my job” the fact remains they are still in a job earning a wage – and some wage despite the fact its not what they want to do – is better than no wage at all.

However doing something you hate has to be addressed sooner rather than later, it makes no sense getting up every morning saying “i really hate my job” then continue doing the same thing day after day.

What I have noticed which is amazing in a way, is the growing count of the younger generation who are saying “I need a new job”. These kids are highly qualified and barely out of college but realize quickly after taking the first job that comes their way, that they have new career ideas.

It’s not till they’ve gone through the school and college system that it dawns on them that to make more money, they will have to do part time jobs from home or weekend jobs.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is not taught at school which is a pity, because it gives you the best chance to express your skills more and make more money, which at the end of the day is what working for a living is all about.

We don’t go to work because we love it, its because we have to, to survive in a world which flushes out the weak, but is full of wonder not seen by those whose career paths are not chosen wisely.

So in summarizing…my strong advice to you if you need a career change, would be to look for internet jobs. These are plentiful and can be a minefield but if you’ve read this far I’ll shorten the search for you.

Affiliate Marketing by far is the most cost effective way to earn money and be your own boss. Selling other peoples products not having to reinvent the wheel makes absolute sense, because there is only a small outlay if any at all.

So if you’re still saying I hate my job and need a career, embrace the internet and discover how to use it and turn it into your own virtual ATM. Join me right now and I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

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