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How To Overcome Fear? She Was So Scared I Had No Idea

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How To Overcome Fear? She Was So Scared I Had No IdeaYesterday morning I picked my daughter from school at 10.15am
to take her to the dentist.

It had been a really frosty night before so there wasn’t a
cloud in the sky and the sun shone through like it was a hot
summers day.

As we walked out of her school towards the car I was speaking
to her as normal but didn’t get the usual bubbly response I
was accustomed to.

I thought nothing of it at the time so continued our journey
to the dentist.

I spoke to her a few times cracking a few jokes like I normally
do but still she was economical with her replies.

As we sat in the waiting room it was then that she revealed to
me why she was so quiet.

Trust me…

…anyone who knows my daughter, knows that if there was a Gold
medal available in the Olympics for talking, you would be
competing for the silver medal.

What she said next brought a lump to my throat.

As I was reading one of the magazines, with her soft voice she
leaned toward me and said “Daddy my legs feel like Jelly”

Even though she is ten years old she had never been to the dentist
without her mummy, and had always led on her mum while the dentist
continued with his treatmedentistnt.

I gave her a big kiss and cuddle and reassured her that everything
was going to be alright.

She accepted her daddy’s comforting words.

The moral of the story is never assume others are happy all the
time even if and when they pretend to be.

That’s not to say some people can’t be happy all the time because
that’s a certain possibility too.

Although going to the dentist is a turn off for most of mankind,
(I’m the biggest baby on the planet where that’s concerned)…

…because it wasn’t going to be me in the hot seat I never gave
her a thought until then.

It turned out all good though…

The dentist said her teeth are alright, but her gums have to come

To your success!
Mike Henry

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