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England Cricket Shocker – Can it Get Any Worse?

By on 12:56 pm

It was only a matter of time before those of us who love the beautiful game, were going to witness an England team humbled so badly as they were last night in new Zealand.

The cliche “men against boys” has never been so apparent and appropriate for describing what took place in 33.2 overs out of a 50 over a side match.

Yes that’s how long it took us to score 123 runs with New Zealand polishing that off in 12.2 overs.

Geoffrey Boycott One of Englands finest batsmen form past glories had this to say…

England caused their own downfall with “a really poor performance”, which he ranks as “one of England’s worst days ever in one-day cricket”



I love my cricket and have watched England play since I was a little boy living in London.

Back then we had a little black and white TV set but I knew all the players and the counties they played for.

Every player who played wore their hearts on their sleeve for their country, even though the game has moved on and become more professional I don’t see the same passion.

Our trouble is like the England football suffered from for years is, we stick with the same old guard for too long.

For me that breeds complacency

There is no way you can tell me that if a player KNOWS he wont be dropped – until it becomes ABSOLUTELY obvious he’s past his best – that a little hunger is lost somewhere deep inside him.

We have the talent in our country alongside football its our national sport, but what we don’t have are coaches who have the bottle to play that young hungry talent and give them their chance.

Doing it when the old guard have messed up and taken us to depths never reached before, then changing 4 or 5 players puts pressure on the youngsters and in some way helps justify their decisions of keeping the old guard in as long as they do.

Jonathan Agnew ex player now well respected cricket correspondent had this to say…

“That was the most one-sided one-day international between Test-playing nations that I can remember seeing. It was almost too bad to put into words. To be bowled out for 123 and then see that chased down in 12.2 overs is extremely chastening for Eoin Morgan’s side.”



As long as the English cricket establishment go on sticking their heads in the sand, ignoring specialist one day batsmen who we have in abundance sat at home watching and who can knock it out of the park, we will continue getting our arses kicked.

sticking their heads in the sandThat would have a serious adverse affect on all the youngsters who watch the game and one day hope to make the step up to play at the professional level and their country.

Cricket has moved on, no longer is a run a ball acceptable – can’t they see that?

Maybe the time has come for me to find another sport to follow, one that has professionals chosen on merit and not favouritism.

I hope not.


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