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Is Dexter The Best Series Ever Written?

By on 8:23 am

Is Dexter The Best Series Ever Written?Last night I finally got to the end of the brilliant Dexter on Netflix, I got to say it was the best and well written series I have ever sat through.

Last year after watching the awful “Prison Break” I vowed never to get into another long series and spend so much time watching other people who are living their dreams.

That’s basically what we are doing when we sit in front of the TV or put off work we should be doing to create our own dreams or lifestyle.

Although I watched Dexter after doing what I had to do during the day, it was on my mind during those times and without doubt had a baring on the hours I put into achieving my goals.

All work and no play isn’t good for anyone, but we have be strong and definite in pursuing what we really want and nothing must get in the way of that.

Getting what we want in life really is as simple as switching a light on and off.

It’s easy to do and it’s easy not to do!

We have a choice the difference is what we priorities, what we perceive as being more valuable to us.

Challenge yourself for the next 14 days…

Go back to the things you know you should be doing and you will be staggered at how much you get done and enjoy doing it.

What is your favourite series of all time and why?

Leave your comments below.

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