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Cashflow Funded Proposal Your Autoresponder and Leads

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Getresponse300x250It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or even how good it is…MLM, Direct Marketing, Selling Fruit on a market stall, the one thing that you need and cannot do without is cashflow and leads.

When you have a good amount of cashflow you’re able now to venture into paid advertising without having to dip into your own money to fund it. Because no matter what you may have heard, paid advertising is the quickest way to get a ROI.

Therefore the goal here is to grow a list with whom you form a relationship with and sometime down the road may join you in your business opportunity. This is flat out the best way to grow any business on or offline.

You need to be building an income that is putting cashflow into your pocket at a recurring rate, so in this article I’m going to teach you how to set up your list building empire.

No matter how good your business is the fact remains 95 – 99% of the people who join your list won’t be joining your business, that’s just the way it is.

They may say what you have to show them is the most exciting thing they’ve seen in a long time, but right from the start they don’t know you well enough, and that is where your Autoresponder email follow up messages builds that all important bond between you and them.

Even then you never hit them with your biz opp, but promote to them low monthly recurring items which they can use themselves to generate cashflow. In the old days it was called a funded proposal, which it still is more or less.

The first tool you must have is an autoresponder and that’s not negotiable, that’s if you’re serious about online or offline success.

When I first started my long journey looking for internet riches I was told to get one and start building a list.

Well that meant nothing to me at the time, so I carried on selling other people’s products…which I still do to this day actually…but never bothered about a list, though I soon realized that every opportunity I joined, I eventually ran out of people to talk to.

I have been an avid list builder ever since.

Just by itself your autoresponder can make you a significant monthly income, people have no idea how lucrative an autoresponder can be.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to promote your autoresponder is to approach your local pizza shop, curry restaurant, hardware store owner or any local business and ask them if they would they like to increase their profits.

Not many say no to that believe me.

These places have a huge clientele but once they leave their establishment there’s no contact till the next time they come by.

Advise the owner to open up a guest book or comments card, when they have information such as city/town, birthdays and food preferences, for example, it’s easy to follow up with customized messages and special offers using their autoresponder.

“Email marketing can help retailers get the word out about their product lines, increase foot traffic, generate sales, and build customer loyalty better than any other marketing tool out there”

What does this mean for you?

Other than securing the best table in the restaurant, a monthly residual income for the life of that business, which with the increase in business could be for years and years and years!

That’s your cashflow sorted out!

Now onto how to increase your online leads.

Click here for a full video explanation!

Here is the autoresponder I have used for years and the one I’d recommend to you for ease and deliverabilty. Pay nothing for your first month! Click here


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