Why is Success So Elusive

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Our society places an emphasis on success. However, success often seems hard to
come by. We’re taught many things in school, but how to be successful isn’t one of
them. One thing is for certain, if you want to achieve greater levels of success than
you’re currently experiencing, you’ll have to change. A change in your results will
require a change in your approach.

Understand why you haven’t been as successful as you’d like:

1. You don’t know what you want. The accomplishment of something amazing is
rarely accidental. You must have intention and purpose over a period of time. If
you don’t know what you want, you can’t expect that anything great is going to
Do you know what you want? Do you have an intention for each day?
What did you try to accomplish today that will enhance your life in the

2. You have detrimental habits. Whether you’re too flabby, too poor, too lonely,
or too ignorant, your habits are to blame. The small actions that you take each
day determine your long-term outcomes.

Appropriate eating and exercise habits ensure a fit body.

Regular saving and effort to increase your income ensure wealth.

What habits do you currently have? Can you see how they’ve lead to your
current circumstances?

3. You have poor self-control. Some degree of self-control is necessary to be
successful. Humans are drawn to comfort. Sitting on the couch with a movie
and a snack sounds good to the average person. Successful people are good at
controlling themselves where it counts. If comfort is your primary objective,
success becomes much more difficult.

4. You waste more time than you realize. How much time do you waste each day?
The TV, internet, e-mail, and gossip are a few examples of time-wasters that
suck many of us into their vortex. When we emerge, more time than we
imagined has simply disappeared.

Consider the most effective actions you can take each day and measure
how much time you actually spend on them. The small amount of time you
spend productively each day will amaze you. Just imagine the results you
could obtain if you changed that trend.

5. You’re wrong. Achieving success also requires making productive decisions.
None of us is correct 100% of the time. If your view of the situation or the world
in general is incorrect, you’re bound to struggle. If you believe the pet rock is
going to make a comeback, and it doesn’t, you won’t be successful.

This issue isn’t easy to rectify. However, at the very least, you can examine
your beliefs and ask yourself why you believe them.

6. You give up too soon. The most successful people have endured numerous
failures. Persistence is the most important attribute you can have on the road to
success. If you can make a small amount of progress each week, you can
eventually accomplish anything.

7. You’re not growing as a person. The person you are today might not be capable
of making 10 times your current salary. You’ll have to learn, grow, and adapt.
You can’t stay exactly the same and have your life grow. You may need to
become more knowledgeable, a better communicator, more disciplined, more
sociable, or have more focus.

Think about the person you’ll need to become in order to accomplish your

why_is_Success_So_ElusiveSuccess isn’t complicated, but it also isn’t easy. Becoming more
successful is an issue of making good decisions, using your time
wisely, and persistence. Decide what you want and determine
the actions required to get there. Never give up and keep evolving.
You’ll grow your knowledge and skills to reach your full potential.

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